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Last updated on July 2, 2016

What has been updated? See below (this shows current month updates).

06/26/2016 - Added my Facebook page to the main menu.

06/26/2016 - Added Severe Weather Central, my Facebook severe weather page, to the traffic & weather page main menu.

06/26/2016 - Added menu option that will launch and play WAKY Radio (WAKY 103.5 Louisville, KY)

06/26/2016 - Updated all other menu links and pages

06/26/2016 - Added additional traffic camera views on traffic page for more locations
***Now includes Lexington, Louisville, and the rest of Kentucky***
***Now includes Knoxville/Smoky Mountains area in Tennessee***
***Ohio coming soon***

06/26/2016 - Added 511 Kentucky Highway Information link to traffic & weather page

06/27/2016 - Added Chattanooga area traffic cameras in Tennessee to traffic page

06/28/2016 - Added Memphis and Nashville area traffic cameras in Tennessee to traffic page
***The entire state of Tennessee traffic cameras are now up and running***

06/29/2016 - Hometown page updated with more sites of local interest

07/02/2016 - Added Indiana Traffic Cameras to traffic page.
***Now includes Gary and Northern Indiana and Southern Indiana to the Ohio River***
***Indianapolis and Central Indiana coming soon***

07/02/2016 - Added Indianapolis and Centeral Indiana tragic cameras to traffic page
***Entire state of Indiana traffic cameras are now up and running***

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